Glamour House of Hair Specializes in...

  • Custom made extensions and hairpieces
  • Sourcing top quality raw human hair
  • Expertly handcrafted, realistic looking pieces
  • A variety of textures for many hair types
What We Do

We’re masters in hand crafting hair pieces and wigs that look amazingly realistic and attractive.
 @raissak831 Heat Wave lace closure  GHOH Raw Russian wavy/curly (#flashback 2012) Do any of you guys own any of this hair? This is literally the best quality raw virgin hair on the market. It's truly raw so there will be no two identical wave patterns. The wave patterns vary from what you might call a loose wave to more of a body wave (as shown in the pic) to an even wavier & even somewhat curly deepwavy/curly pattern. The textures vary from slightly coarse, medium coarse & coarse. However don't get hung up on the word "coarse" even in its coarsest texture the hair is extremely soft. Thinner strand than Filipino but thicker than Indian. Russian hair gets it's name from the regions it's collected that were owned & apart of the Russian Federation however as a whole the hair is collected across Eurasia so this can also be classified as Raw Eurasian hair. This hair is not to be confused with Slavic Russian hair. However you want to classify it, one thing is for certain this IS the best quality hair on the market & it IS reflected in the cost. But when your looking for quality, versatility, longevity & manageability you'll understand the value found in this hair. We haven't sold this hair in wefted form in a few years however we still make custom wigs & process our Russian Romance line from this hair. The news is that we're bringing this hair back in inventory. In lengths 12" - 32" It takes some time to get but we've gotten the ball rolling. We'll sell what we have until sold out & then restock. Be on the lookout because although this hair calls for and is worth every cent of a premium price (look around) we'll be offering an unbelievable introductory sale. Go price shopping right now & trust me when I say unbelievable. Ladies & gentleman just be prepared for the best hair you'll own.
 Use Code: CrownMe Ends 8pm eastern time Photo cred: @starilized  Use code: flawlessfriday
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