Ten Life Changing Beauty Hacks

Glamdolls, do you have some top-secret beauty tricks in your arsenal which help you go from drab to diva quickly? To save time on your hair and makeup whilst still achieving model-like results, add these ten genius titbits to the list, too!

No More Lipstick on Teeth

Nothing is more embarrassing then heading out on the town, only to realise that you have bright red lipstick smeared on your teeth when you return home. Rid yourself of this problem by sticking your finger in your mouth after you have swiped on your lipstick, and then swiftly pulling it out. Your finger will take care of the extra product which would have otherwise ended up on your pearly whites.

Better Hold

Bobby pins are an essential part of your hairstyling kit. Try spritzing them with hairspray for a better hold.

Make Your Eye Shadow Pop

One of the easiest ways to really bring out the colour of your favourite eye shadow is to use a layer of white below it. Once you have concealed and primed your lids, dust on a light layer of white eye shadow followed by the coloured one. It will enhance the vibrancy of the shade, making your eyes pop like never before!

Anti-Frizz Tip

When you get out of the shower after washing your hair, never, ever rub your hair to dry it. This will only lead to frizz which will be cumbersome to deal with later. Pat your hair gently instead to rid your tresses of extra moisture.

Conceal In Triangles

The problem of under-eye dark circles has plagued ladies for centuries! As you know, one of the easiest ways to banish this problem is to use concealer with a red undertone to combat the blue. What you probably didn’t know is that your concealer should be applied in a downward triangle shade (not dotted) for the ultimate coverage.

Dry Shampoo Emergency

So, your hair is greasy beyond belief, you do not have the time to wash it before work and your trusted dry shampoo is over – what do you do? Dust a little bit of talcum powder into your roots, of course! It is just as effective as dry shampoo and so much cheaper!

DIY Gel Liner

If you are craving a smouldering look and extra definition for your eyes, gel liner is the way to go. Whilst you may not have it on hand, it is very easy to create your own from eyeliner pencil. Simply hold the tip over a flame for two seconds and then let it cool for fifteen seconds before applying it to your lid. Say hello to an intense, long-lasting smudge!

Heatless Curls

For beautiful curls without the damage caused by the heat of a curling iron, loosely braid your wet hair before you sleep. In the morning, undo the braids, spritz on some texturizing spray and you are good to go.

Make Your Lippy Last

This nifty trick will make your favourite lip colour last for hours on end! Once you have applied the shade of your choice, lightly place a tissue over your smackers and dust some powder over them to set the product in place. You’re welcome, glamdolls!

Twisted Bun in Two Minutes

Who said it isn’t possible to create a sophisticated hairdo in less than two minutes? To create a classy twisted bun, simply divide your hair into two low ponytails and secure with elastic. Braid the ponytails, then wrap them together and secure them at the base of your head with bobby pins. Voila!