Stock Wigs

All Stock units found in this section whether virgin or or remy are made using 100% cuticle aligned and intact human hair  resulting in 100% “authentic remy” human hair.  Please see “Remy Hair 101” for further details on hair qualities offered by GHOH.

All units listed in this section will ship within 3-7 business days unless otherwise stated on the product page.
Be sure to visit our Measurements Guide page

It’s important to remember that lace wigs are not one size fit all.  When choosing a stock unit DO NOT base your fit off of the circumference size alone.  All 6 of your own head measurements (with the exception of the circumference)  need to be within at the least 1/2 of an inchsmaller than that of a stock unit to ensure that a sufficient amount of skin is available for liquid and or tape adhesion without compromising your natural hairline if present.