In between trying to strike the ultimate work-life balance and looking fiercely fashionable as you do so, how much time do you make for yourself? In all probability, you answer will be: not enough or nothing at all. Know that when you prioritize yourself, you automatically prioritize happiness. Here are a few ways to put you back on your priority list, preferably at numero uno:

Start Claiming Your Me-Time

If I do not get at least ten minutes to myself each and every day, I simply cannot function. You need to make a conscious effort to allow yourself some alone time to reflect, reboot and reenergize. Use this time to reconnect with yourself. Think about how you have been feeling, analyse your emotions and attempt to decode those odd mood swings. Think about what you need – it could be love, care, money, stability, a better job or even a change of country. Remember that this time will only be productive if you are completely honest with yourself. Think about how you are going to achieve your goals and make an action plan in your head. If thinking is too much of an effort, just enjoy the feeling of sitting in silence. Revel in the peace. A great way to schedule this critical me-time is to centre it on a relaxing activity like yoga, bubble baths or exercise.

Treat Yourself

Everyone is allowed their indulgences so why are you skimping on yours? Make time to treat yourself to something special once in a while. Here are a few ideas to get your started: prepare a delicious Italian meal for yourself with a glass of wine to boot, catch the band you have been dying to watch while they are touring in your city, go for a movie alone, take yourself out to lunch, join Zumba classes and buy a cute exercise outfit for the occasion, book a spa date with your best girlfriends or go alone, snap up that sweet smelling perfume with a ridiculous price tag, have your hair cut and coloured, eat two slices of cake instead of one.

Learn To Say No

Glamdolls, are you guilty of being unable to decline? Well, today is the day that you will accept that turning down an offer, party or person is perfectly okay. If you want to put yourself back on the priority list, the pesky habit of saying yes to everything has got to go. It is very easy to overextend and promise more than you can give. Many of us do so without even realizing it, only to find ourselves in a tight spot a few days later. The simply remedy is to just say no in the first place – do it with a smile, polite tone of voice and nobody gets hurt. Use this time do something that brings a smile to your face or simply catch up on that ever growing sleep deficit. You do not need approval from anyone else; you are your own permission slip.