Ralph Smart

What is the true meaning of freedom? Does God exist? Can wealth be measured by something greater than money? How does one achieve success without stress? Let it be said that crossing the finish line of this journey we call life is no easy feat. Along the way, you will find yourself dealing with some evasive questions and you will probably feel like you are losing your mind until you have the right answer. Whilst nobody can provide hard and fast answers to these perplexing questions (life is an equation of the unknowns after all!), wise men like Ralph Smart can make these issues seem less intimidating and more approachable.

Ralph is what you might refer to as a YouTube “guru” – check out his channel, Infinite Waters. Apart from being my daily dose of inspiration, Ralph is also a psychologist, author, counselor, radio host, cinematographer, researcher, graphic designer and self-proclaimed “infinite being.” No kidding! One thing that stands out about Ralph is the fact that he does not preach as you would expect a typical life coach to. Instead, he encourages you to put the light back into your heart and soul, and he guides you along the way, frequently talking about his own life experiences and narrating examples which everyone can relate to.

A common theme that runs rough many of Ralph’s videos is the importance of gratitude. Be thankful for your family and friends. Be thankful for the life you live, knowing that people have endured worse. Be thankful that even though we are born and then we die, we have many glorious years in between to do something that matters. Be thankful for the opportunities and the setbacks, the good days and the bad, the smiles and the tears – all day and every single day.

One of my favourite videos by Ralph Smart is “5 Essential Things That Can Make Your Day More Meaningful” – it is the best pick-me-up for those days where things are going wrong, your life is feeling directionless and you are losing hope. What are the five secrets, you ask? Well, I guess you will just have to watch the video to find out, glamdolls!

What are you waiting for, ladies? Take a dive into the world of Ralph Smart and give your soul the TLC it needs!