Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the secret to healthy and shiny hair. Historically, it gained prominence in the Asian subcontinent where women have been using it for centuries to achieve the beautiful dark locks that they are known for. Slowly, it spread across the globe, first to other coastal areas and later to the mainland. The popularity of coconut oil has grown rapidly and with good reason too; this magical potion is absolutely loaded with nutrients and goodness which provide your tresses with the TLC they need.

Coconut Oil Fights Dandruff

Every lady fears the onslaught of dandruff which is undoubtedly the most unsightly and annoying hair problem – wouldn’t you agree? Coconut oil is brimming with fatty acids which are the best anti-dandruff soldiers out there and infinitely more effective than the host of anti-dandruff shampoos and conditioners which line the shelves of your local drugstore. Mix coconut oil with castor oil and lukewarm water, massage this mixture into your hair and shampoo as normal after thirty minutes. Repeat this ritual twice a week for optimal results.

Coconut Oil Retains Moisture

If dry hair is your pet peeve, coconut oil is exactly what you need. The beauty of this product is that it does not break down and evaporate easily, thus locking the moisture into your hair. You will notice that you hair feels much softer and healthier after only a few applications. The moisture retention property also prevents split ends and breakage which can ruin your lovely locks. If you use coconut oil on a regular basis, feel free to bid adieu to conditioner which really is not required once you start using this magical product.

Coconut Oil Helps Styling

Most styling products do more harm than good. Whilst your hair might look stunning in the moment, it can take days for the damaged hair cells to repair themselves afterward. The next time you are trying to recreate a fancy hairstyle, switch your regular spray, gel or wax for coconut oil instead. When you apply heat to your hair, the oil will thin out and become easier to spread. When it cools down, the coconut oil will condense and hold the hairstyle in place. A few drops of coconut oil when styling can go a long way.

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